Pay attention to these issues when reusing IBC containers

Pay attention to these issues when reusing IBC containers

IBC containers, combined with the inner container and the outer frame, have high strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance and have saved packaging space. Other characteristics have become essential tools for modern liquid warehousing and transportation links. IBC containers have a wide range of applications and use many scenarios. Still, many users of IBC containers need to learn more about the reuse of IBC containers and the link to the difficulties. Next, Yuanhai Packaging needs to understand the problems of reusing IBC containers.

Are IBC Container reusable?

It can be reused as long as the IBC container is used and properly maintained. For example, Yuanhai uses high molecular density polyethylene (HDPE) material for blow molding, chemical stability, high surface hardness, the use of the process of impact resistance and abrasion resistance, in the case of everyday use, transportation, can be reused more than twenty times to reduce business costs and save resources consumption.

What should we pay attention to when reusing IBC containers?

Before the secondary use of an IBC container, it is necessary to carry out a complete and detailed inspection of the IBC container, according to the following steps, to ensure that it meets the standards for secondary use.

  1. Observe the appearance of the IBC container. Place the  IBC container on the level ground or inspection platform, observe whether the outer frame is broken or deformed and whether the inner container is broken or leaking; gently shake the frame of the IBC container to see whether the screws at the joints are tightened, and make sure that the overall structure of the  IBC container is stable.
  2. Check the valve of the IBC container. Trigger the valve and observe whether the valve connection is loose or the wrong wire; if possible, you can fill the IBC container with liquid and inflate the experiment to ensure that the IBC container is sealed intact.
  3. Cleaning the inner lining of the IBC tote. Before the second use, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the inside of the container to avoid chemical reactions between different liquids or mixed liquid contamination when it is filled again.

The specific use of the number of IBC totes and the usual use and maintenance habits are closely related to the Yuanhai packaging, reminds us that the daily use of the IBC container needs to pay attention to the method, the handling process, forklift trucks should pay attention to aiming, slow lifting, light to avoid causing violent collision; storage should be selected dry and cool place and regular cleaning of the external stains. Do the above points to extend the use of the IBC container cycle better and save on replacement costs.

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