Distinguish the quality of the IBC tote or drum

Distinguish the quality of the IBC tote or drum

Distinguish the quality of the IBC tote or drum

IBC tote or drum has good performance advantages and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical liquid storage, and transportation. IBC tote or drum market demands, but the quality is good and evil; as a user, how do you buy a high-quality IBC tote or drum? Remind you to pay attention to these key points.

The first point: look at the use of materials is new or old

IBC tote or drum quality is closely related to the material. High-quality IBC drums are generally made of new high-density polyethylene material, strong, wear-resistant, and long-time storage of liquid materials that will not leak, deform, or cause other issues. Some selling prices are low. A tonnage bucket may be made of recycled polyethylene materials; such a tonnage bucket’s performance and service life are not as good as the new bucket; the use of cracks, breakage, leakage, and other hidden problems need attention.

The second point: see whether the production process is standard

The production process is an essential indicator for measuring the quality of IBC tons. In general, the larger the scale, the higher the degree of automation of the tonnage bucket manufacturers will have a more standardized production process and strict quality management standards; IBC tonnage bucket production assembly processes will pay more attention to quality details to ensure that the quality of IBC tote bucket up to standard. On the contrary, some small enterprises may have production standards that are not standardized, the production process is not strict, and other issues, such as IBC tonnage bucket stability and safety, can not be guaranteed!

The third point: see whether the finished product through the test

You can also judge the quality of the IBC tote or drum through the test results. IBC tote bucket processing is complete, will be after the destruction of the test, vibration test, drop test, airtight test, hydraulic test, stacking test, and other multiple tests; the product has also been through the third-party quality inspection agencies, certificate of conformity with the tonnage bucket together with the issuance of the tote bucket so that the quality of tonnage bucket is more “intuitive.”

IBC totes or dumps are good quality, and liquid storage and transportation are safe. Suppose you don’t know how to identify the quality of IBC tote drums. In that case, you may want to start with the material, production process, and testing three aspects, looking for reliable IBC tote drum suppliers.


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