Application Tips of 275 Gallon IBC Tote

Application Tips of 275 Gallon IBC Tote

IBC tote

The IBC tote saves up to 35% of storage space compared to round drums. Dimensioned in accordance with ISO standards for ease of handling, static empty drums can be stacked up to four highs and transported in any conventional way. IBC totes/drums can be reused many times, and the advantages they offer in filling, storage, and transportation can lead to significant cost reductions.

What is the height at which the totes/drums are stacked:

The maximum static stacking of empty drums is four high, four layers; when the specific gravity of the loaded goods is less than 1.5, it can be stacked two layers, when it is higher than 1.5, it will be stacked one layer. The height of the drum is 1150mm.

Exterior frame and pallet features:

The outer frame and pallet of the product are heat-treated and hot-dip galvanized technology. Therefore, the whole frame is lightweight, has good toughness, has strong bearing capacity, and can withstand the unexpected impact of external force.

IBC totes Application Tips:

During liquid transportation and storage, some cleaning is necessary before application. Before using an IBC drum to contain another liquid, it is necessary to rinse the IBC totes a certain amount. The cleaner will carefully clean the edge and the periphery of the IBC drum to make sure that the cleaning is done well so that not only is it used with more peace of mind, but also there is no need to worry about the appearance of some shortcomings. Not only do you need to make sure of the way, but you also need to make sure of the long-term use of the product.

There are some cases where the actual effect of cleaning IBC barrels is not so good, and the safety of the staff masters cannot be ensured. Usually, all the new upgraded raw materials are used, and the wall thickness is sufficiently proportional to prevent the erosion effect under different conditions. Some IBC drums also have upgraded regulators, which prevent thermal expansion and contraction due to liquid evaporation. There are differences in efficiency depending on the technology used in the manufacturing process.

When 275 Gallon IBC Tote, pay special attention to these six points

1. IBC totes are in the filling before the need to check that the bottom gate valve is not a leak.

2. Use an N2 gas cylinder with a fine air-conditioned copper tube to carry out nitrogen sealing on the outlet of the IBC tote drum.

3. When filling, water should be sprinkled near the tonnage drum to reduce the temperature.

4. High-temperature season should be filled sooner or later, such as in the filling of the barrel before the discovery of hotter (heat), should be covered with a can lid and water to reduce the temperature, and then carry out the filling.

5. Filling: pay attention to manipulating water flow; water flow is unsuitable for too fast, sluggish filling.

6. When filling, cover a piece of heat insulation and heat preservation anti-security and anti-static asbestos cloth at the outlet of the tonnage barrel to reduce the vapor caused by the evaporation of raw materials to the outside.

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