It is not easy to manufacture a good quality IBC tote or tank for the Chinese IBC tote factory

It is not easy to manufacture a good quality IBC tote or tank for the Chinese IBC tote factory

There are seven functions we must pay attention to.

Quality of raw materials

For manufacturers who want to produce IBC totes of good quality, raw materials must be selected in line with the relevant national and industry standards of raw materials is only the basis, but also look at the qualifications of the raw material suppliers and the stability of the source to ensure that the performance and safety of the final product!

Production process control

During production, the IBC totes manufacturers must strictly control the process parameters, such as temperature, pressure, time, etc. We can ensure the appearance and inner quality of the hollow plastic containers through reasonable process control and avoid various problems during production, such as bubbles, cracks, and so on.

Maintenance and upgrading of equipment

The IBC totes manufacturers must regularly maintain and repair the equipment to ensure its regular operation. With the continuous progress of technology, manufacturers also need to update equipment promptly and constantly improve production efficiency and product quality.

Quality Inspection and Control

Manufacturers must conduct strict quality testing of the produced plastic hollow containers to ensure that the products meet the relevant standards and customer requirements. Unqualified products should be reworked or scrapped in time to avoid the flow of defective products into the market.

Safety Production

Manufacturers need to establish a sound production safety management system, strengthen employee safety training and education, and ensure that the safety risks in the production process are effectively controlled.

Environment and sustainable development

Manufacturers need to take adequate measures to reduce environmental pollution in the production process, rationally deal with the waste in the production process, and actively recycle and reuse waste to contribute to the sustainable development of the environment.

Customer service and market feedback

Manufacturers must maintain close contact with customers, keep abreast of customer needs and feedback, and improve in response to customer comments and suggestions.

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