What is the reason for the fast aging of IBC tote or IBC drum?

What is the reason for the fast aging of IBC tote or IBC drum?

IBC tote is a high-density polyethylene resin as raw materials, a large hollow molding machine, and its good injection molding process goods, goods with excellent resistance to ultraviolet light, anti-aging, and resistance to environmental stress cracking characteristics, in addition to goods with steel structure and steel pallet, the container has a good maintenance efficacy, the container can hold a variety of liquids. It can be transported Ⅱ, Ⅲ types of hazardous chemicals.

IBC totes have the rationality, IBC tote packaging, and can significantly reduce the cost, delivery, storage, and the actual operation cost fee. Save a lot of human resources and material resources. Compared to traditional packaging, storage can save thirty-five percent of the space, and loading and unloading can be used for forklift work, reducing the inconvenience of manual transportation.

Such a practical commodity, if not long on the aging of the very impact of its application, then detailed what causes this problem? Yuanhai suggests you sort out the following aspects you usually adopt the process to pay more attention to this kind:

1. some canned liquids will cause the IBC tote damage, which will also cause the aging of the IBC tote.

2. Certain radiation, microbial strains, or gas corrosion also aggravate the deterioration of the IBC tote.

3. In cold weather, some tackifiers do not tolerate low temperatures, resulting in a shift in the characteristics of the IBC tote that is, hardening, the temperature is warm, tackifiers and the efficacy of the IBC tote caused by the softening of the IBC tote again.

4. some tackifiers with volatile IBC totes are used for a long time; the tackifiers are logically dispersed, which will cause tons of barrels to harden, aging conditions.

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