What to pay attention to during transportation of IBC totes or IBC tanks

What to pay attention to during transportation of IBC totes or IBC tanks

IBC totes need to pay attention to the following points during transportation

1. Fixing method: IBC totes or IBC tanks must be firmly fixed on the vehicle to avoid moving or tipping during transportation. Commonly used fixing methods include fastening bolts, straps, support brackets, etc., which should be selected according to the type and size of the IBC totes or IBC tanks.

2. Transportation speed: the transportation speed should be appropriate to avoid damage to IBC totes by excessive inertia force due to excessive speed. It is generally recommended to drive on smooth roads, and the speed should not exceed 20 kilometers per hour.

3. Road selection: flat and solid roads should be selected to avoid damaging IBC totes caused by uneven or bumpy roads during transportation. We should check whether the IBC totes meet the relevant bearing requirements when passing through bridges, culverts, and other roads.

4. Stacking method: IBC totes should be stacked per the specified method during transportation. Generally speaking, IBC totes should be placed vertically and kept stable when stacked to avoid tilting or sliding. In addition, the stacking height should not exceed the specified limit to prevent deformation or rupture of the bottom due to excessive pressure.

5. Sun and rain protection: IBC totes should be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight or rain. IBC totes should be covered with a cover or tarp during transportation to prevent sunlight and rain from damaging them.

6. Clear marking: During transportation, information such as the container’s name, manufacturer, date of production, and expiration date should be marked on the IBC totes. This information can help the transporter and receiver better understand and manage the IBC totes.

7. Safety awareness: Transportation personnel should know the characteristics, usage, and precautions of IBC totes. In the process of transportation, they should pay close attention to the road conditions and weather conditions, adjust the transportation speed in time, and pay attention to avoid pedestrians and other vehicles.

8. Emergency treatment: In the transportation process, if you encounter emergencies (such as traffic accidents, natural disasters, etc.), you should stop immediately and take necessary emergency measures. In handling, attention should be paid to protecting the IBC totes from damage and transferring them to a safe place as soon as possible.

When transporting IBC totes, you must consider the fixing method, transport speed, road choice, stacking method, sun and rain protection, clear marking, safety awareness, and emergency treatment. Only comprehensive consideration and corresponding measures can ensure the safety and stability of IBC totes in transportation.

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