How to use IBC totes or IBC tanks more safely?

How to use IBC totes or IBC tanks more safely?

IBC tote or IBC tank is combined with the inner container and metal frame. The inner container is made of high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene blow molding, which has high strength, corrosion resistance, and good hygiene. Plus, the external metal frame is safer and more reliable. The product structure is reasonable, solid, and sturdy, can be loaded and unloaded directly by forklift, and palletized for storage. The bottom of the product is equipped with a liquid discharge valve; the liquid discharge is convenient, rapid, thorough, safe, easy to clean, can be used for multiple turnovers, is energy-saving, and is conducive to environmental protection.

IBC totes or IBC tanks have good corrosion resistance. This is practical for the packaging of many kinds of chemically injurious products; the number of dregs after dumping is small and easy to wash, which is helpful for many times of reuse; it has a long service life, and it can be utilized for more than twenty times under the conditions of regular filling, transportation and loading and unloading.

Adopting IBC totes can significantly reduce production, storage, transportation, and operation costs and save a lot of workforce and material resources. Compared to traditional packaging, storage can save 35% of the space, and loading and unloading can use forklift operation, reducing the manual handling of many troubles. Filling: 1 IBC tote 5 200L barrels; the filling process minimizes the problem of repeated operations while avoiding leakage, spillage, and other waste in the filling process.

The external metal frame can be electrostatically grounded by grounding and jumping, thus avoiding the generation of static sparks (if not properly grounded, the metal frame accumulates static electricity and can generate spark discharges that can reach even 10,000 mJ of discharge energy, enough to ignite any explosive mixture). However, the plastic drums themselves do not conduct static electricity, and the liquids are isolated (they cannot discharge the accumulated static electricity by contact with the frame).

How to use an IBC tote safely? Yuanhai gives you suggestions:

1.The lifting method of this product adopts bottom lifting; top lifting is not allowed.

2. Strictly forbid the ball valve and container to be impacted and collided by external force.

Three or Medium-sized bulk containers should be checked regularly for their sealing performance.

4. the second use of IBC totes must be returned to the state of the container for careful inspection, such as whether the inner container and the frame have been hit, thus forming a leakage point or affecting the normal unloading and stacking, in particular, the need to check the valves, pay attention to the installation of the valve root in the aluminum fastening nut and the inner container combined with all-weather tight.

5. In the hot filling, the liquid should be cooled to room temperature, and the lid should be tightened.

6.with the product packaging dangerous goods for transportation, IBC tote into the container or vehicle heavy can play a secondary protective effect. The container or vehicle shall have a rigid enclosure or fence of at least the same height as the IBC.

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