Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC totes or IBC tanks) premature aging, find out if these links are the problem!

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC totes or IBC tanks) premature aging, find out if these links are the problem!

IBC totes are sturdy and long-lasting. They can usually be used for up to 20 years. However, if not used correctly, the IBC totes may age prematurely, leading to a shortened lifespan and compromising the stored contents’ safety. Several reasons can contribute to the shortened lifespan of the IBC totes and it’s essential to be aware of them to avoid them. Yunhai Packaging recommends paying attention to four key points to ensure the longevity and safety of your IBC ton barrel.

1. it is essential to follow standardized procedures carefully during the filling and draining.

IBC totes and IBC drums made of HDPE are suitable for storing most liquids. However, it is advisable to perform a chemical compatibility test before filling to ensure the filler is compatible with the IBC totes’ performance. When filling, ensure that the liquid temperature is not above 60°C. Once the filling process is complete, leave some buffer space and wait until the temperature of the liquid drops to the ambient temperature before tightening the cap securely.

To empty the container, follow these steps: First, open the top filling port cover to prevent negative pressure. Then, unscrew the threaded cover of the discharge valve and remove the aluminum foil seal. After that, remove the locking screws and turn the valve wrench clockwise to start discharging. Once you’re done, close the valve, tighten the locking screws, and screw on the sealing cap of the discharge valve and filling port cap.

2. To ensure safe transportation, it is important to avoid collisions.

External impact collision can easily cause deformation of the IBC totes or even broken, so the IBC totes transportation process should be well-protected; the bottom of the lifting handling, the use of forklift loading and unloading, to ensure that the forklift arm, and the IBC totes pallet at the fork hole alignment, and more than the bottom of the opposite frame, and then lifting. The transportation process generally adopts single-layer loading; the vehicle baffle is higher than or equal to the height of the IBC totes bucket; if double-layer loading is required, we should add buffers between the tonnage buckets and tie them up to prevent the IBC totes buckets from shifting during the transportation process.

3. Pay attention to storage temperature and avoid exposure to sunlight

Water stains and dirt will attack the IBC totes and cause damage to the internal scale, and high temperature and exposure to sunlight may lead to aging and deformation of the IBC totes. Therefore, the IBC totes should be stored in a clean, light-avoiding, relaxed environment, away from flammable and explosive items, and the ambient temperature should be kept between -18℃ and 40℃.

4. Reuse requires adequate cleaning

The IBC totes or IBC drums can be reused, but before using them, they must be thoroughly cleaned and their sealing performance checked to ensure no dirt, corrosion, or good sealing.

IBC totes’ life to their quality factors, but also closely related to the use of habits; we recommend that you choose a reliable manufacturer, buy quality IBC totes, and pay attention to the use of the process to avoid bad habits so that your IBC totes to have a long service life.

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